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Service Costs

Basic Service includes - Clean, Oil, Adjust

8 series - $199

4,5,7 Series - $185

Previous Gen. Computerized - $165

Mechanical Models - $129

Other Brands

Machines w/ Embroidery Module - $199

Computerized - $185

Mechanical Models/Computerized Straight Stitch - $129

Straight Stitch (non-computer)(e.g. Featherweight) - $99

Longarm - $175

Serger - $150

Repairs beyond regular service billed at $70/hr 


House calls include $.67 mileage added and includes driving time. Minimum additional $20 per machine.



General Servicing Guidelines

For machines that require oil; you should oil at the start of a new day. If you sew a lot in a single day, you should oil after every other bobbin. 

When cleaning lint out of your machine, never use canned air. That can blow lint further into your machine. It's ok to vacuum lint out. Don't forget to remove your stitch plate and get the lint out from your feed dog areas.

If you use your domestic sewing machine regularly we recommend that you have it serviced annually. 

If you hit 3,000,000 stitches in less than a year, great job; you should get it serviced before the year is up.

For Bernina Longarm - service time frame 30,000,000 stitches or 500 hours.

For HandiQuilter Longarm - service time frame 10,000,000 stitches or 2 years.

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